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Lemax 64488 CRAZY CARS Carnival Ride Amusement Park Christmas Village Fair New R

Lemax 64488 CRAZY CARS Carnival Ride Amusement Park Christmas Village Fair New R
Lemax 64488 CRAZY CARS Carnival Ride Amusement Park Christmas Village Fair New R

Lemax 64488 CRAZY CARS Carnival Ride Amusement Park Christmas Village Fair New R
Part of the Lemax Carnival collection. Animated bumper cars move around. 4.5 Volt Power Adaptor included. May be used with Carole Towne, Coventry Cove. Or other brands of collectible buildings and accessories.

This collectible decor accessory can be used as scenery on your O "scale" Lionel or G "scale" toy train layout not perfectly scaled to either, but why not relax your standards and have some Christmas fun? We cannot guarantee that this will not happen, and it will not be considered as a defect or "item not as described". Photo is of a representative sample. Actual item or packaging may vary. We have many similar items available, so visit.

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • UPC: 728162644886
  • MPN: 64488
  • Brand: Lemax

Lemax 64488 CRAZY CARS Carnival Ride Amusement Park Christmas Village Fair New R