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Lemax Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival #25862 Animation & Brand New

Lemax Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival #25862 Animation & Brand New

Lemax Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival #25862 Animation & Brand New
Lemax Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival #25862 Animation & Brand New. It looks like the Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival is having their annual fishing tournament today. A trophy will be awarded to the family who catches the largest fish. Photos are now being taken and will be posted in the Vail Village Daily Newspaper.

Going fishing is a great way for the folks and family who live in Vail Village to relax and relieve stress after a week of Christmas shopping and decorating. Actually, I would not be surprised if they decide to have a New Years Eve Party and invite the neighbors, family, and friends over to enjoy a fabulous fish dinner. There is so much animation in this Lemax Vail Village Collectible piece. For example, the folks who are fishing have a fishing rod and are actually reeling in a fish they caught from the icy water.

There are also ducks who are swimming in a circle. The water wheel actually turns, and the large bait sign on top of roof rotates around. There are Christmas colored lights all around on the rafters of the building.

At the base there is lighting to illuminate the water and the folks who are fishing. A light also flashes when the camera takes a photo. Music can be heard, along with the sounds made from the ducks.

You can also hear splashing in the water as the fish are caught and reeled in with the fishing rod. The folks can be heard talking to each other. Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival #25862. Newly Released by Lemax in 2022.

Lemax Village: Vail Village Collection. Condition: Brand New In Original Box and Styrofoam.

Product Type: Sights & Sounds. Control Switch: Volume Control and Power Switch for all functions. Electrical: Lemax 4.5V DC White Power Adaptor Included.

Approximate Size: 11.81" W x 9.25" D x 8.86 H. However, you can always add small items, because they do not usually take up much room. For example, figurines, or a small table accent.

Brand new are in mint working order without damage or missing parts such as original adaptors, and accessories, (such as flags or signs when applicable). Some electronic parts cannot be pre-tested. State in the listing the condition of the building and any missing parts or changes made. For example, a white 4.5V DC adaptor versus.

The original 4.5V DC Adaptor in black. Please be careful taking your item out of the original box and styrofoam container, and foam placed around delicate parts when applicable, so it does not get broken or dropped. I would suggest removing items carefully on top of a soft surface, such as a bed. Please pay particular attention to loose small plastic bags in the styrofoam container, or adaptors in the outside styrofoam compartment, which can fall out when the building is being removed from the container, and get lost or broken on the floor. All Lemax products are fragile collectible pieces not suitable for children to play with as toys.

By purchasing this item you agree to the terms of this policy.

Lemax Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival #25862 Animation & Brand New